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When a man known as Yogi Bhajan emigrated from India to North America in the late 1960s, he couldn’t have had any idea of the lasting effect he would have on the American people in the years to come. Thinking he was merely going to head a new yogic studies department at the University of Toronto, Bhajan made the long journey from his home in India to a new one in faraway Canada. When the teaching job fell through, however, Bhajan began a new track—one that ultimately led him to become the man credited with introducing both Sikhism and Kundalini Yoga to the United States…oh, and Yogi Tea, of course!

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Only three months after his arrival, Yogi Bhajan had already made a name for himself in a predominantly Anglo-Saxon area of Canada by running numerous yoga classes, co-founding a yoga center, and helping start the first Sikh temple in eastern Canada. Soon, he moved to California and began teaching Kundalini Yoga to the people of Los Angeles as well. Part of his yoga practice involved the serving of a very special spice tea blend at the end of his sessions, which his students fondly dubbed “Yogi Tea,” after their beloved teacher. This tea was the inspiration for every flavor of Yogi Tea you see in stores today, and with our printable Yogi tea coupons, you can afford to try all of them!

Printable Yogi Tea Coupons

The original tea was a blend of five traditional Indian spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. These spices were prominent as a part of traditional Indian Ayurveda, a form of alternative medicine that is still practiced all over the world today. Ayurveda holds that this blend of traditional spices has unique properties that make it extremely healthy and beneficial to the body. Many Yogi Tea formulas sold on shelves today still include this special blend of spices, which are believed to make you feel more vibrant and energized. If you’re looking to feel refreshed and improve your general well-being, then use one of our online Yogi tea coupons today. One can find other brands too like Gold Peak Tea Coupons.

Just as we know you’ll like Yogi Tea right away - especially if you get it at a discount with some Yogi tea coupons - it didn’t take long for Yogi Bhajan’s students to respond positively to this delicious, unique, and healthy blend of spices. They began to re-create this special brew in their own homes and yearned to share it with others. In 1984, the Yogi Tea Company came into being. It started out purely local; natural and healthy food stores in Southern California began to stock rough, early versions of the tea’s spice mix packages, which were sold at full price since printable Yogi tea coupons didn’t exist yet! Soon though, friends were telling friends about this great new tea they’d discovered and demand grew rapidly. In two years, with the packaging revamped and the spices ground more finely, three flavors of Yogi Tea were being sold in stores nationwide.

Today, Yogi Tea comes as nearly 60 different blends, in various flavors for an assortment of health needs and other purposes. You will definitely be able to find one to suit your current needs. One of the principles Yogi Tea operates on is that tasting great is essential, but not enough. They won’t make it unless it also leaves you feeling great. So choose your favorites, print out some of our Yogi tea coupons available on having best Tea Coupons of brands like Black Tea Coupons, and get to the store! Prepare yourself for one amazing cup of tea that will leave you feeling better than ever. We think Yogi Bhajan should be pretty darn proud of his legacy.