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When you’re manufacturing a product that is designed to relax and soothe, many would argue against choosing a font for your packaging that was used in the films ‘Demolition Man’ and ‘Dogma’, as well as the ‘Quake’ and ‘Diablo’ computer game series. In fact, because of this typeface, the original design read more like ‘+azo’ than ‘Tazo’! In 2008 this was updated - their products’ current old-fashioned yet crisp-looking design really pops in black monotone on the slightly muted but saturated hues of their paper wrappers. We would suggest printing our online Tazo tea coupons on an equally classy selection of paper, but this is not a mandatory requirement!

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Happily Tea Snob
Okay, I am a tea snob and one of those people who get Tazo tea at Starbucks. Just used these coupons to get some tea for work. Didn't know I could get it so cheap!
Good coupons but wouldn't accept it at Panera. What good are these coupons if i can't use them at restaurants!!!!!!

Of course, like your parents always said, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover - it’s what’s inside that counts. This is especially true of tea, since we tend not to display it on bookshelves, although stranger things have happened. So what are the contents of those beautifully-crafted sachets like? Put it this way - ingredients in Tazo teas include: spearmint leaves, green tea, hibiscus flowers, lemongrass, blackberry leaves, cardamom, star anise, lemon balm leaf, chicory, sarsaparilla root, peppermint leaves, black tea, chamomile flowers cinnamon, ginger root, rose petals, licorice root, lemon verbena leaves, safflower, black pepper, red poppy flowers, orange peel and cloves! So, to describe the inside of a tea bag bought with our Tazo tea coupons in one word, maybe ‘exciting’ would be the obvious choice. Given two, ‘extremely exciting’ might be even more appropriate!

Printable Tazo Tea Coupons

Companies don’t normally come into being by themselves. This one is no exception – Steve Smith, Stephen Lee and Tom Mesher founded the organization in 1994, a year after Smith and Lee had their previous company, Stash Tea, bought out by Yamamotoyama Tea of Japan. Stash were then, and remain, a very successful specialty tea manufacturer. Despite being in competition with their old outfit, the trio used their corporate connections to promote their fresh Tazo products. It took less than six years before they were able to sell this burgeoning operation to Starbucks for $8.1 million. The company once labeled their tea with the line ‘blessed by a certified shaman’. Could this be the secret to their success? Perhaps not, but the secret to yours is our selection of printable Tazo tea coupons – take some down to the store and start saving today.

The fact that the company is now owned by Starbucks means that their products are given huge exposure – millions of people walk through the corporation’s doors every day, and Tazo products are displayed prominently in many branches. Customers can select from a wide range of blends including green, black and herbal teas. These are available as normal, water-steeped brews or alternatively as tea lattes. The latter is a concoction made up of a generous helping of steamed milk, in the style of a normal latte coffee, mixed with a flavorful injection of Tazo Latte concentrate. Both the water-based and the latte version of Tazo tea can be served hot or iced. Save money on finding your new favorite by using our printable Tazo tea coupons available on where one can find best Tea Coupons having brands like Arizona Ice Tea Coupons.

While the name ‘Tazo’ is now most associated with the products you can buy with our Tazo tea coupons, its original meaning was a little different. In the Romany language, the word means ‘river of life’. At celebratory gatherings, the ancient Greeks would use this to make toasts to their existence. Today, the caffeine boost from Tazo’s brews will breathe new life into your day, whatever you’re busy doing. No caffeine? No problem. Tazo takes care of this with its selection of decaffeinated blends, whose flavors include brambleberry, wild orange and simply red. Now everyone can give a toast to life while they enjoy Tazo’s invigorating, soothing and just downright tasty tea. The site also have other various brands like Organic Tea Coupons.